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Incheon Airport Bus - Route, Time Table (2)

Originally published at: https://blog.bnbhero.com/airport-bus/ Airport Transportation Options – Bus Once you arrive at Incheon International airport there are many different ways you can get to Seoul! Taxi is a very …

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Bus from Incheon terminal 1 to Bundang area (ori Station) (4)
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Hello! May I know the first and last bus schedule for the 6012 route? (2)
Hi! Is bus 6009 still available? I cant find any recent detailed information on it! (3)
Hello! I need to be at Incheon Airport terminal one latest at 4:30 on sunday. What bus do i take from the express bus terminal and when? (2)
Hi...can i know the schedule for bus 6015 from myeongdong station to incheon airport terminal 1? I want to arrive before 7pm (2)
I stay in sea and moon tourist hotel in Incheon. I need to rush to incheon airport tomorrow to catch the 9am flight. What is the fastest n cheapest way options available? (2)
I am arriving Incheon Terminal 1 at 2145hr on oct 27 (sat) what is the last bus for 6015 ? how can i get to myeondong if i am unable to catch bus? (2)
Hi...i would like to know bus schedule & price from incheon airport to sungshin women university ( DH naissance deongdamun hotel) Arraival 9pm & going back need to be at the airport on 5.30am 2 adult 4 child...5years..10 y...14y..17y Tq (2)
Hello all, I need to be at the airport for 5:30am on Saturday, However I am located in Gyonggi-Do, Ilsan/Goyang area near Juyeop station. Are there any busses that run that early? (2)
Hello everyone. I would like to know bus schedule and price for from incheon airport to Busan central bus terminal. thank you (4)
Hi there, I would like to ask how to go from incheon airport to sangbung bus terminal? Thanks (2)
Hi i would like to know, how to i get to the airport from Incheon chinatown? Thank you (2)
Hi, I am staying near Namdaemun Tranditional Market and need to go by bus 6015 to Incheon International Airport. Where can I buy the bus ticket? (3)
I need to go to the airport from shilla stay mapo . where and when do I catch the bus to icheon airport (3)
Hello, I just want to ask what would you recommend if we’ll be arriving at Incheon Airport at around 12am and our hotel is located at Myeongdong? Thank you. 😊 (2)
Hi there, is there a way to get to Incheon airport at 2-3am? (2)
Hello...I want to ask, is there any midnight bus from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Aiport? May be after 12am? (2)
Hi, I would like to ask, my flight will arrive late at night possibly 12 mindnight already, is there a bus I can take going to Holiday Inn Express Euljiro. Thank you so much! (2)
Hi, From Incheon Airport to Seoul Station, which would you recommend for me to take the train or bus? I would prefer not too much walking as my 85 years old mom is travelling with me. Thanks (2)
Hi how i go from inchen terminal 1 to busan? what number tha bus is? i need to but ticket befor? (2)
Hi, which bus goes to Shilla Stay Seodaemun? Can I take 6002 or 6005? Do they stop at the same place? (2)
Hi for Seoul to incheon rides, you mentioned it is better to buy bus ticket and reserve seat instead of paying when getting on bus. Where and how can I do this? I'm also coming from jongno 3 ga to incheon. Thank you for your help! (2)
Hi, I would like to go to Suwon directly from Incheon Airport by bus. Any advice on the route please? thank you very much (2)
Hi we will arrive late in incheon airport. 12mn. Is there still a bus from Incheon airport going to Jongno? Or there's any other options/way going to Jongno other than Taxi?(taxi is too expensive). Thank you (2)
Good morning. Can I use the TMoney card to pay for the KAL Deluxe Limousine Bus to Gangnam/COEX instead of buying a ticket? Thanks in advance. Great website by the way :) (2)
Ho Good day to you! How I get the bus from Incheon Airport to summit hotel? Bus No? (2)
Hi can i buy the ticket during onboarding the bus or i will need to researve the seat first? (2)